Learn New Skills in a Martial Arts Class

People in a gym in martial arts training exercising Taekwondo, the trainer has a black belt

Martial Arts classes offer a great way to learn self-defense, while simultaneously improving your reflexes and cardiovascular health. Algonquin has several wonderful studios where you can push yourself mentally and physically. So, take a chance and learn new skills in a martial arts class! Studios near Algonquin Square Apartments include: Tiger Roo’s Martial Arts  Tiger […]

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Visit A Climbing Gym In Algonquin

Rock climbing is a good way to get a full-body workout. While there are not a lot of natural rock faces to climb near Algonquin Square Apartments, there is a great rock climbing gym where you can hone your techniques and build your muscles. North Wall Rock Climbing Gym offers several rock climbing walls with […]

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Go For A Run Near The Algonquin Square Apartments

Now that the weather has started to cool down, and we are moving into fall, it is a great time to go for a run. If heading out solo doesn’t appeal to you join a running club! The Centegra Health Road Runners meets for regular runs and races right near the Algonquin Square Apartments. Beginner and experienced runners […]

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