Celebrate National Popcorn Day at Popcorn Shops Near Algonquin

Popcorn shops near Algonquin

Get ready to celebrate National Popcorn Day, Algonquin! On January 19th, our favorite movie-theater treat gets the recognition it deserves. If you feel like celebrating too, you’ll find some incredible popcorn shops near Algonquin.

A Brief History of Popcorn

According to PBS Food, popcorn likely arrived in the American Southwest over 2,500 years ago, but humans have been eating this snack for over 5,000 years! The first evidence of popcorn in America is around the 1820s, and its popularity grew steadily from that point onward. Check out Tori Avey’s article for more on the fascinating history of popcorn as well as links to recipe ideas!

Today, popcorn shops across the country sell this delicious treat in a variety of exciting flavors. Check out some of the popcorn shops near Algonquin Square Apartments!

Pop’s Corn Crib

Considered a local gem, Pop’s Corn Crib is a family-operated establishment that’s been in business since 1966! Famous for popcorn balls and insane flavors, the staff has worked hard to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Some of the choices include watermelon, pumpkin spice, jalapeno, and cinnamon sugar.

The Little Popcorn Store

Nestled in downtown Wheaton, The Little Popcorn Store is appropriately named as it measures 49 inches wide by 60 feet long. This cherished landmark has been home to the Little Popcorn Store since 1921!

Step inside and experience old-time Americana, along with one of the best freshly popped popcorn recipes in the area. The store boasts that the secret to its delicious popcorn lies in the simplicity of its recipes. Popped in vegetable oil and sprinkled with salt, their white corn captures the perfect flavor of traditional popcorn.

Garrett Popcorn Shops

Garrett’s opened in 1949, and is still going strong! This local staple continues to handcraft gourmet popcorn in old-fashioned copper kettles and strives to create the same great taste that was first offered generations ago.

Garrett’s popcorn is the result of secret family recipes, and it’s guaranteed to leave your mouth watering. Flavors include buttery, Almond CaramelCrisp, and Pecan CaramelCrisp.

These are some of the best local popcorn shops near Algonquin, and we’re sure you’ll love them! If you would like to live near these shops as well as excellent dining and entertainment, please contacts us to schedule a tour of our apartment community. We’d love to show you our amenities firsthand.

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