High Quality Asian Restaurants Near Algonquin

Four sets of chopsticks grabbing Asian food out of various black bowls sitting on a table

Asian cuisine is incredibly popular and super flavorful. Luckily, if you’re in the mood for Asian food, Algonquin Square Apartments is just a short drive away from some excellent Asian-inspired restaurants. Whether you’re a fan of Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese dishes, you’re certain to find something that will hit the spot at one of these Asian restaurants near Algonquin.

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Gourmet House Chinese Restaurant

This bright, free-standing restaurant serves up classic Chinese-inspired dishes including sweet and spicy chicken, beef, and seafood dishes as well as rice dishes and amazing egg rolls. Coupled with a clean atmosphere and fast, friendly service, the Gourmet House Chinese Restaurant easily provides some of the best Chinese food around.

Woow Sushi

Woow Sushi is one of the premier sushi joints and Japanese restaurants in the Algonquin area. They serve every sushi roll imaginable along with classic Japanese cuisine. Also on the menu: a variety of martinis and cocktails. Woow Sushi serves up fresh sushi and delivers fast, friendly service. It’s definitely one of the best Asian restaurants near Algonquin and a great location for Japanese food enthusiasts and sushi lovers.


Though Q88 also serves sushi, they’re best known for their Vietnamese and Thai-inspired cuisine. Here, you’ll enjoy a huge bowl of pho as well as stir-fry and curry dishes. Additionally, Q88’s sushi menu packs a punch with a long list of specialties created at the sushi bar. The menu has a variety of delicious meals so be sure to plan for a return visit!


Algonquin has something for everyone. Along with these great Asian restaurants, you’ll find a thriving community, great shopping and dining, and local entertainment. If you’re interested in making Algonquin home, please contact us. We’d love to schedule a tour and show you around our beautiful apartment complex.

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