Enjoy Delicious Plant-Based Cuisine In The Algonquin Area

Healthy and delicious plant-based cuisine.

Are you a vegetarian, vegan, or just someone who appreciates good cooking? If so, you’ll love how our Algonquin food scene satisfies your cravings. Our restaurants are on par with those in larger cities and offer varied selections across more than a dozen cuisines. For those who appreciate plant-based cuisine, you’re in for a treat! […]

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Enjoy Casual American Cuisine at Meat & Potato Eatery


From pulled pork to curly fries, sometimes you just need some casual American food to satisfy a craving. Luckily, Meat & Potato Eatery just opened a new location in Carpentersville, minutes from Algonquin Square Apartments. It’s the perfect place for a weekend lunch or late-night dinner with friends. With the extensive menu, everyone will find […]

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