4 Home Projects to Tackle This Weekend

A husband and wife working one of the most popular home projects: wallpapering.

With more time spent at home, now is your chance to tackle some home projects that have been bugging you for months. Here’s where you can get started:

Invest In Removable Wallpaper

Modern wallpaper isn’t as difficult to remove as legacy ones. Today, almost any pattern is available in an easy, peel and stick application. By extension, removal is a cinch. A bold and colorful design would be perfect on an accent wall or give the inside of a bookcase a fun facelift.

Lighten The Mood

Layering light is the easiest way to add ambience to a space. And, updating a ceiling fixture is easier than you may think. In addition, you can easily swap the original lighting back when you move.

Meanwhile, lamps are another way to add dynamic lighting to your room. By mixing complementary light fixtures, your home will become a cozy area to live and work in.

Personalize Your Kitchen

Did you know homes in Germany don’t come with kitchens? Residents have to literally bring everything with them when they move in. Fortunately, that’s not the case here. However, customizing your cooking space will make eating at home more enjoyable. The easiest kitchen update is updating your backsplash. Removable options include vinyl decals or liquid starch-applied fabric wallpaper. Laminated adhesive vinyl or Con-Tact Paper is also easy to apply and remove. Plus, you can also use gorgeous marble dupes to update your counters.

Go Big With Your Art

The key to good interior design is scale. A room often looks better with one or two large wall hangings than several smaller ones. Get creative and make something special for your walls at home. Pinterest is full of easy projects like faux weavings, abstract paintings, or black and white engineering prints. If you can’t drill holes in your apartment walls, consider a heavy-duty “command hook” or leaning the piece on top of furniture.

All in all, these four home projects should keep you busy while you’re hunkered down at home. If you’d like to live in a luxurious, comfortable setting, consider makingĀ Algonquin Square Apartments your new home. For more information, contact us to schedule your tour today.

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