6 Must-See Attractions in Algonquin

at an art gallery

Algonquin is a cosmopolitan city of amazing contrasts. You’ll find people from all walks of life here, sharing a variety of interests. Most importantly, these must-see attractions in Algonquin allow you to get a pulse on the city’s contemporary offerings. 

Savour Art Gallery

Located in a Victorian home, this elegant gallery offers a large inventory of traditional and modern art. Locals who frequent this gallery say the paintings are full of color and vibrancy. You can also purchase flowers, chocolates, cigars, and wine here. If you’re looking for a relaxing visit, a yard space with greenery and flowers offers a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle of life.

Bill Stone Studio

Bill Stone is an artist who excels at oil paintings. You can purchase his amazing creations at his studio. A graduate of Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Bill is known for his bold creations, which feature rich textures and unique, swirling patterns. He also uses the natural world as inspiration, mimicking its color, movement, and texture. If you’re looking for abstract art to grace your home, you’ll undoubtedly love Bill’s inspirational works.

Old Courthouse Arts Center

Founded in 1857, this arts center hosts 30 international art shows annually. Local artists showcase their works here, as well. Jewelry, pottery, and sculptures are a few of the unique offerings you’ll find at this arts center. If you’re looking to purchase works by local artists, visit the art shop gallery, which is open from Thursdays through Sundays. You can also stay informed about current and upcoming exhibitions by visiting this link.

Illinois Railway Museum

This not-for-profit organization is located on 100 acres of land and hosts the largest railway equipment collection in North America. During your visit, you can enter exhibit buildings to see antique trains on display, such as streetcars, trolleys, and restored Pullman sleeping cars. That said, the train ride is one of the main attractions at this museum. Board the train next to the 50th Avenue ‘L’ station and enjoy a ride to the historic 1851 East Union Depot. The entire five-mile ride will take between 35 to 45 minutes. For a shorter trip, try the streetcar line, which only takes about 15 minutes.

Hoosier Grove Museum

Founded in 1904, this single schoolhouse features the legacy of the surrounding communities from 1904 to 1954. Inside the museum, you’ll find old photographs, antique desks, and school textbooks. You can also handle artifacts and learn how a typical one-room schoolhouse was run. If you’re an adventurer at heart, there’s a 100-year-old red barn to explore. 

Elgin History Museum

Founded in 1856, this landmark building preserves the history of Elgin, Illinois. It has a research library and seven permanent historic exhibits. Be sure to check out the “Elgin: From River to Rails” exhibit, which highlights the founding of Elgin and introduces you to its earliest settlers. The “Elgin National Watch Company” room is also a good one to explore. It features the original watchmaking tools from the Elgin watch factory and displays various styles of Elgin watches.

Find More Must-See Attractions in Algonquin

All in all, these must-see attractions in Algonquin allow you to experience the city’s culture scene to the hilt. If you’d like to live near these historic sites, consider making Algonquin Square Apartments your next home. For more information about living in Algonquin or to schedule a tour of our luxurious living spaces, contact us today. Our agents are on standby to answer your questions, whenever you’re ready.

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