Enjoy Modern American Cuisine At The Black Bear Bistro

A trio of delicious burgers at the Black Bear Bistro.

Here’s a little known fact: American cuisine accommodates diverse flavors from a variety of regional cooking styles. Unquestionably, hot dogs, burgers, and pizza reign as popular staples. However, modern American cuisine is far from homogeneous, as demonstrated at The Black Bear Bistro. If you’re in the area this spring, check out this unique restaurant in the heart of Algonquin.

About Black Bear Bistro

The Black Bear Bistro is the creation of Santiago and Estela Suarez. Santiago, the owner and head chef, has worked in the food industry for more than 25 years. The duo use locally sourced ingredients and wild game for their creative dishes. Santiago derives great pride from the fact that he cures his own bacon and ages the meats he uses.

Step into the restaurant, and you’ll be greeted by an almost spartan, pristine dining room. A metal black bear on the wall contributes to the unique ambiance. As you dine, you can peer into the kitchen and watch the chefs at work. Locals maintain that the service is impeccable here.

What’s On The Menu At Black Bear Bistro

The menu at The Black Bear Bistro begins with a selection of starters, including crab cakes and taquitos. The flatbreads are great for nibbling and sharing with friends. Try the Santiago Jr.’s Mexico City flatbread, topped with filet mignon, Serrano pesto, oyster mushrooms, onions, chevre, and balsamic vinegar.

Great entree choices include wild game chili, roasted Texas quail, and lamb osso bucco (served with creamy polenta). Patrons also love Chef Santi’s wild game burger, made with a blend of ostrich and bison. Other great choices include the roasted poblano with 4 oz. chick lobster tail, served with purple potato gratin, achiote, and prickly pear.

The Black Bear Bistro is also open for lunch. The restaurant offers a simplified lunch menu. Try the oso bistro burger (with Black Angus beef, poblano, and cheddar) or grilled salmon sandwich (with Serrano pesto and zucchini fries). Health-conscious patrons will undoubtedly love the house mushroom soup, vegetarian flatbread sandwich, and vegetarian Wellington (seasonal vegetables wrapped in puff pastry).

Visit this exciting new restaurant for lunch or dinner, just minutes from Algonquin Square Apartments. Not yet a member of our community? Contact us to arrange a tour of our beautiful grounds today.

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