Enjoy Cross-Country Skiing At Forest Preserves Near Algonquin, Illinois

Cross-country skiing at forest preserves near Algonquin, Illinois.

Did you know that cross-country skiers have the highest VO2-max than any other athlete in the world? Specifically, VO2-max measures aerobic capacity. It tells us how much oxygen an athlete can take in and utilize during intense physical activity. Correspondingly, the higher an athlete’s VO2-max, the fitter he is. He can run faster and last longer on the snow than his counterparts. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a high VO2-max? This winter, you can increase your VO2-max score by cross-country skiing at forest preserves near Algonquin, Illinois. Check out some of the locations that allow cross-country skiing at the Kane County Forest Preserve District below.

Brunner Family Forest Preserve

The Brunner Family Forest Preserve spans a breathtaking 723 acres. It features both woodlands and wetlands along a 3.5-mile stretch of the Fox River. Skiers who exercise here travel through some of the most pristine habitats in Kane county. On your outing, you may spot majestic bald eagles, sedge wrens, and willow flycatchers. All in all, there are five miles of trails to explore and many rare plant species to admire.

Fabyan Forest Preserve

This renowned 235-acre preserve was once the country estate of George and Nelle Fabyan. Today, a few historic structures remain on the property, namely the Japanese Tea Garden, the Villa Museum, and the Windmill. Both the Windmill and the Villa Museum have been designated National Historic Places. Skiers will love traveling through this magical preserve, replete with stone fountains and elegant statues.

Johnson’s Mound

Johnson’s Mound features a “kame” or glacial land-form. The “kame” stands fifty feet above a glacial plain and Blackberry Creek’s surrounding tributaries. This unique preserve is known for its tranquil setting and is a favorite among the locals. Cross-country skiers will also have access to a sledding hill, 5-acre recreational area, and cabin. The latter can be used for hosting fun gatherings.

As can be seen, you can have fun cross-country skiing at forest preserves near Algonquin, Illinois.

In fact, cross-country skiing is just one of many winter activities you can enjoy when you call Algonquin Square Apartments home. We are located near many of the wonderful forests in Kane County. So, if you’re ready to raise that VO2-max score, contact us. We’d be happy to show you around!

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