Warm Up with Soup from Algonquin Restaurants

Two bowls of green soup

Although dine-in options may be limited lately, the Algonquin Square Apartment community is surrounded by curbside pickup options. Consider ordering a warm, freshly-made cup of soup from Algonquin restaurants. Read more to find out about Montarra Grill and Black Bear Bistro, located less than ten minutes from our apartments.

Montarra Grill

Montarra Grill is a five-minute drive from Algonquin Square Apartments and offers an expansive online menu for either delivery or curbside pickup. Their soup offerings feature lobster bisque and French onion soup! Both the bisque and french onion soup are classics that make for a great starter or meal. Consider which one sounds best and order a cup along with one of their family-style sides to share. Place an order Friday, Saturday, or Sunday from 4pm to 8pm. If you’re looking for more details, check out their website or their app.

Black Bear Bistro

Black Bear Bistro, an American restaurant ten minutes from our apartments in Algonquin, is a local favorite and was featured last year in our blog. We wanted to update you with their new offerings! They now provide curbside pickup, delivery, and an online menu. The bistro always has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on their menu! Black Bear offers a variety of soups, including an option where you can try three different soups! In addition to roasted poblano soup and black bear mushroom soup, the bistro creates a soup of the day. Order Wednesday through Sunday, starting at 4pm.

Take your pick!

A warm cup of soup from Algonquin restaurants is the perfect antidote to chilly winter afternoons or evenings. Instead of brainstorming dinner ideas or going to the grocery store, take advantage of one of these local restaurant’s menus. Only a short drive from our apartments in Algonquin, both Montarra Grill and Black Bear Bistro offer great soup options for curbside pickup. Check out their menus and pick the best dish to enjoy from your apartment. If the Algonquin Square Apartment team can help answer any of your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience!

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