Outdoor Activities Near Algonquin

National park in autumn. Wooden path at beautiful wild place. outdoor activities near algonquin concept

Though the weather is beginning to dip and winter is closing in, some nature lovers are still on the lookout for the perfect outdoor activities near Algonquin. Mother Nature awaits those seeking hiking, biking, boating, and more. Just a short drive away from Algonquin Square Apartments, you’ll find a plethora of trails, lakes, and parks […]

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Grown-Up Fun Near Algonquin Square Apartments

Games are not just for little ones. Within minutes of Algonquin Square Apartments are several great venues for adults that still like to play games every once in a while. Here are two that might be just right for the kid in you. Underground Retrocade Take a trip back in time at this 80’s-themed arcade. […]

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Paint And Sip At Pinot’s Palette

Are you looking for a great evening out? If you’re not interested in dinner and a movie yet again, try the paint and sip experience. It’s good for laughs, drinks, memories, and you come home with a work of art that you created yourself. Over the past 10 years, more and more studios have opened […]

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