Paws-itively Purr-fect Pet Stores Around Algonquin

Woman holding her black poodle

When you leave home, does your dog look at you with sad eyes? If so, consider taking your pooch on a fun shopping trip to one of the following pet stores around Algonquin!   The Best Pet Stores Around Algonquin Bentley’s Pet Stuff When Lisa Senafe realized that pet foods had ingredients she couldn’t pronounce,¬†Bentley’s […]

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How to Give Your Dog Exercise Indoors During Winter in Algonquin

Dogs still need plenty of exercise during the winter, even if you might not be as enthusiastic about taking your pooch for an outdoor walk to the park when temperatures are below freezing or it’s snowing outside.¬†Rather than let your dog languish with a lack of proper exercise, there are ways you can make sure […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Dog is Whining in Algonquin

Our pet-friendly apartments in Algonquin are perfectly situated in the suburbs of Chicago to allow all of our residents to take advantage of the outdoors. But what happens when your four-legged friend is whining? Fortunately, whining doesn’t always mean there is something wrong with your dog. Here are three reasons and ways to quiet down […]

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